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This is a common portal for databases of various classes of fungi. Each database listed here is dedicated to a particular class of fungi.
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  • A database of Aphyllophoales from India.

    Order proposed by Rea (after Patouillard) for basidiomycetes having macroscopic basidiocarps in which the hymenophore is flattened (Thelephoraceae), club-like (Clavariaceae), tooth like (Hydnaceae) or has the hymenium lining tubes (Polyporaceae) or sometimes on the lamellae, the poroid or lamellate hymenophores being tough and not fleshy as in Agaricales. Traditionally the order has a core of 4 families (as indicated above) based on hymenophore shape but detailed microscopic studies of basidiocarp structure and molecular evidencehas shown these groupings to be unnatural.

  • A database of Myxomycetes from India.

    Myxomycetes are plant-like in their manner of reproduction but resemble animals in the characteristics of their assimilative phase. The organism exhibits two alternating phases in its life cycle, the assimilative phase and the sporulating phase. The former consists of a free-living, acellular, mobile mass of protoplasm i.e., the plasmodium. The plasmodium absorbs nutrients from the surroundings and also engulfs solid particles including bacterial and fungal spores. The sporulating phase (sporocarp) bears spores externally on, or inside, a spore case.

  • A database of Marine fungi from India.

  • A database of Ascomycetous fungi from India.

  • A database of Mushrooms from India.

  • A database of Rust fungi from India.


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Please read the terms and conditions of the use of any material available on this website.

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