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IAD (Indian Aphyllofungal Database)    
  • Research Publications

    • Checklist of Aphyllophorales from the Western Ghats of Maharashtra State India

    • Taxonomy and Diversity of Ganoderma from the Western parts of Maharashtra

    • In vitro susceptibility testing of some Phellinus

    • Screening of four species ofPhellinus and optimizing Phellinus badius for biomass

    • Host distribution of Phellinus from India

    • Host distribution of Melampsora Cast from India

    • Checklist of Myxomycetes from India

    • Host Diversity of Phellinus from World

    • Screening of mushroom Phellinus switeniae against clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii Bouvet Grimont

    • A new Xylaria from western ghats of India

    • Glimpses of antimicrobial activity of fungi from World

    • Preliminary Checklist of fungal flora of Kas lateritic plateau and surroundings

    • Flora of Aphyllophorales from Pune District Part I

    • An overview of Aphyllophorales (wood rotting fungi) from India 10 12 2013

    • Fungal Role in Environmental Conservation

    • Ethnographic and Ethnoagricultural studies amongst people of Hilly Trrain of Kusur Pathar in Pune district.

    • Eight new record of poroid fungi from Western Ghats of Pune District (Maharashtra).

  • Books

    • सिंहगडचे बुरशी वैभव  (Fungal Wealth of Sinhagad)
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    • Resupinate Aphyllophorales of India
      By - M.H. Hakimi Jamaluddin, J.G. Vaidya, K.R. Ranadive,

  • CDs

  • News Paper Articles

    • Times News - 'Sinhagad forest area has over 1,000 fungi species: Study' (August 13, 2012)

    • Sakal Pune News (August 30, 2012)

    • Maharashtra Times News: Inauguration of the website (October 30, 2012)
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