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Collection of Taxonomic Databases of Indian fungi.
In the current decade, there is a growing realisation about sustaining the biodiversity the Indian subcontinent is blessed with. Of particular interest, are the Western Ghats, which sustain rich resources and is also a part of our habitation. Unfortunately, the talk of biodiversity that reaches the common person is quite limited. The efforts undertaken by people to conserve rare or endangered floral or faunal members, often overlook the value of microflora which include fungi.

India does need to strive its efforts towards generating a resource database of the variety of fungal species found in India so that it receives an awareness and interest at par with that of other forms of biodiversity. Such a database also offers opportunities for initiating collaborative endeavours across the globe to partner in studying fungal diversity in an enriching manner.

It is in the spirit of this dream that the work towards generating a database was initiated by Dr. Kiran Ramchandra-Vimal Ranadive under the able mentorship of Late Prof. J. G. Vaidya of Botany Department, University of Pune with the technical support of Mr. Harshavardhan Khare from Pune. The efforts have culminated into creation of a rich series of databases, from which Indian Aphyllofungal Database (IAD) is the first offspring.

As we all know that the literature on fungi is scattered in journals and it is not easily accessible to the Indian students and researchers. The unavailability of the related literature may develop dislike about the subject and at times conceal the richness that we possess.
A comprehensive database from this series viz. IAD-Reference Database gives Aphyllophorales references from India on a single click.

Every database in this online series made available free of cost will be a rich resource, especially for the aspiring youngsters who would like to contribute meaningfully to the field. As an example, the IAD-Reference database prepared in MySQL forms a documentation of 1217 species of Aphyllophorales with a total of 1646 records from all over India. With sustained updates, it is hoped that a considerable understanding would be made accessible on wood rotting Aphyllophorales to the academic community and people at large. A series of such databases would definitely enrich the documentation of available knowledge and resources.

One can anticipate the tremendous significance of such a contribution to the domain of mycology. Knowledge building and shared access to relevant resources has been the underlying philosophy in launching this website.

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"Fungal Wealth of Western Ghats, Glimpses of fungal diversity Volume I"

About the book
We are feeling very much happy by giving this book in your hand entitled "Fungal Wealth of Western Ghats, Glimpses of fungal diversity Volume I". As we all know the diversity of fungi from the Western Ghats is tremendous. This book is just the starting point of the efforts to look into the ocean of fungal diversity from India. So it's the small efforts made by all authors to gather the information from the Western Ghats from a Fungal point of view. We are happy to share that this is the first Fungal Field Guide of Western Ghats of India in which maximum possible groups of fungi are covered including Myxomycetous fungi, Basidiomycetous fungi (Mushrooms, Gasteromycetoid fungi, coral fungi, Braketoid fungi, Tremelloid fungi, Rust and Smut fungi), Ascomycetous fungi (Discoid fungi, Xylarioid fungi, Daldinoid fungi, Hypoxyloid fungi, Geoglossoid fungi and Stillbelloid fungi) and Lichenized fungi or lichens (Microlichens and Macrolichens) in all total 137 species with 450 photographs. We hope that this book will definitely serve a promising step towards conservation of the remaining Indian fungal biota by creating interest in the new generations.

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Special thanks to Hon. Dr. Paul Kirk and Hon. Dr. Vincent Robert for giving free of cost linking to every species from www.fungifromindia.com

We would like to dedicate this work to late. Prof. J. G. Vaidya and late. Ram mama.

Late Prof. J. G. Vaidya

Late Ram mama
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