Book references:
Polyporaceae of India. By - Prof. Anjali Roy, Dr. A.B. De   (ARDP)
Indian Polyporaceae (On Trees And Timber). By - Prof. B.K. Bakshi   (BIP)
Fungi of Maharashtra. By - V.P. Bhide, Alka Pande, A.V. Sathe, V.G. Rao & P.G. Patwardhan   (FOM)
Hymenochaetaceae of India. By - Dr. J.R. Sharma   (HIS)
Genera of Indian Polypores. By - Dr. J.R. Sharma   (IPS)
Polyporaceae of Kerala. By - Prof. Leelavathy & Dr. P.N. Ganesh   (LGP)
Resipunate Aphyllophorales of Tamil Nadu. By - Dr. Natarajan & Dr. Kolandavelu   (NKR)
The Resipunate Aphyllophorales of the North-Western Himalayas. By - Dr. Sirjeet Rattan   (SRR)

Ph.D. Thesis references:

Wood rotting fungi from Karnala & Kanakeshwar - By Charusheela D. Naik-Vaidya, PP283;   1990
Studies in Phellinus s.l. with special reference to those occuring on Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. - By Gauri Bapat   (GBP)   
Taxonomic studies of Daedaloid & Hexagonoid polypores - By M.M. Rathod;   1989
Some live standing tree diseases caused by Aphyllophorales from campus of Pune University & some other places of Pune City - By Girija Deshpande   
Studies of some medicinally important fungi - By Dr. Prasad Lamrood;   2004
Studies in the genus Phellinus from Maharashtra - By Dr. Arvind Rabba;   1994
Study of Medicinal mushrooms with special reference to Reishi (Ganoderma spp.) - By Dr. Shekhar Bhosle;   2005
Studies in park & road side tree diseases with special reference to root & heart rot fungi - By Abdolrezd Foroutan Naddafi;   2006
Wood rotting fungi from Bhimashankar - By Dr. Manjeet Kaur Nanda;   1996
Studies in some resupinate Aphyllophorales - By Mohammad Hossein Hakimi Meibodi;   2008
Prof. Vaidya J.G. - Ph.D. Thesis - (All Students' Work)   (VNP)   
Prof. Vaidya J.G. - Ph.D. Thesis - (All Students' Work)   (VPO)   
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